Mission Statement

PFAS–Free Australia delivers a Certification Standard for the measurement, application, delivery and adherence to the restricted use of Polyfluoroalkyl chemicals.

The Certification Standard avoids reliance on industry self-regulation, while the PFAS-Free Certified Trademark applies the PFAS-Free Global network knowledge and research base, to deliver safety and confidence to consumers and supply chains through audited testing, reporting and publication.

To ensure compliance and commercial delivery of new technologies, the PFAS-Free Global network supports and delivers a Stewardship platform for the future management of PFAS in all forms.

News and Information

3M executives downplayed the risks of PFAS chemicals

3M Executives downplayed the risks of PFAS chemicals June 26, 2024 The ProPublica article reveals that 3M executives downplayed the risks of PFAS chemicals, despite internal concerns about their safety. It focuses on Kris Hansen, a 3M scientist who discovered high levels of PFAS in human blood and faced corporate pressure to affirm their safety. The piece outlines how 3M managed the scientific narrative around PFAS, influencing regulatory processes and public perception while internal documents showed awareness of the dangers

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PFAS Chemicals in drinking water?

PFAS Chemicals in drinking water?  Is this all a bit of a storm in a teacup? June 13, 2024 Recent news articles have identified a set of tests undertaken across Australia’s major cities and identified high levels of PFAS “Forever Chemicals” in the drinking water.  The other valued commentary to the headline is the levels are considered high when compared to the amendment in recent months by the FDA of the acceptable limits applied and routinely measured and reported across

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Amara Strande’s Story

Amara Strande’s Story May 11, 2024 Amara Strande’s battle against “forever chemicals” serves as a poignant reminder of the human cost associated with PFAS exposure. At just 20 years old, after a rigorous fight with cancer, Amara’s advocacy led to the passage of a groundbreaking law in Minnesota that bans many PFAS products, known as “Amara’s Law.” This legislation not only marks a significant victory in environmental and public health policy but also sets a precedent for other states and

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Poisoning the Planet – The next set of Challenges for Change

Poisoning the Planet – The next set of Challenges for Change   April 30, 2024 Independence remains one of the most powerful words in the current market of greenwashing and ambivalence when the subject of PFAS and contamination risk are the topic of conversation. PFAS-Free Australia is precisely that – independent.  Since 2017 our small but experienced and globally connected group have provided update and assessment of the key activities and outcomes in the acknowledgment of the growing storm around

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Toxic Harvest: The rise of forever PFAS pesticides in fruit and vegetables in Europe

Toxic Harvest: The rise of forever PFAS pesticides in fruit and vegetables in Europe MEDIA RELEASE / January 12, 2024 Analysis of European data shows a dramatic increase in PFAS pesticide residues in fruit and vegetables, with contamination rates nearly tripling between 2011 and 2021. Non-organic summer fruits like strawberries, peaches, and apricots are most affected, with up to four different PFAS pesticides detected in a single sample. The study highlights the urgent need for a ban on PFAS pesticides to protect

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Highest reported PFAS levels in world found in rare Burrunan dolphins off Victorian coast

Highest reported PFAS levels in world found in rare Burrunan dolphins off Victorian coast MEDIA RELEASE / November 23, 2023 In this news article A study has revealed that critically endangered Burrunan dolphins off the Victorian coast have the highest levels of PFAS chemicals ever recorded globally, raising concerns about their health and the environmental impact of these persistent compounds. To read the whole article, please click on the link below. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-11-21/burrunan-dolphins-pfas-concentrations-global-record-fish/103130614 Article Source – www.abc.net.au All rights reserved to The ABC.

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Understanding this "Forever" Chemical

The New Standard – PFAS FREE Certified

PFAS Free Australia is working with our global partner organisations in North America, the United Kingdom and Europe on the implementation of a globally recognised testing standard for the presence of PFAS in a wide range of products.

To achieve Trademark Certification, products are submitted for recognised test procedures. The Trademark Certification ensures that the whole product is assessed and meets the criteria – not just a test of surface coating or masking applications that compromise human health and the environment during the product’s useful life and then in the waste and degradation cycle.

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