Mission Statement

PFAS–Free Australia delivers a Certification Standard for the measurement, application, delivery and adherence to the restricted use of Polyfluoroalkyl chemicals.

The Certification Standard avoids reliance on industry self-regulation, while the PFAS-Free Certified Trademark applies the PFAS-Free Global network knowledge and research base, to deliver safety and confidence to consumers and supply chains through audited testing, reporting and publication.

To ensure compliance and commercial delivery of new technologies, the PFAS-Free Global network supports and delivers a Stewardship platform for the future management of PFAS in all forms.

Key Drivers

PFAS-Free Australia will deliver a framework of responsible Stewardship through Advisory and Advocacy utilising the PFAS-Free Global network to progress the implementation of education, qualified research and leading-edge methodology in the measurement and visibility of PFAS.

Understanding this "Forever" Chemical

The New Standard – PFAS FREE Certified

PFAS Free Australia is working with our global partner organisations in North America, the United Kingdom and Europe on the implementation of a globally recognised testing standard for the presence of PFAS in a wide range of products.

To achieve Trademark Certification, products are submitted for recognised test procedures. The Trademark Certification ensures that the whole product is assessed and meets the criteria – not just a test of surface coating or masking applications that compromise human health and the environment during the product’s useful life and then in the waste and degradation cycle.

News and Information

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