The How

We must all accept that existing PFAS contamination cannot be remedied with any defined timeframe.  However, minimizing what more PFAS is added now, will deliver advantages into the future and allow the global community to develop and implement strategies to remove, destroy or otherwise mitigate the long term impacts of the current global load.  The PFAS-Free Australia Key Drivers are a balance and act strategy.

The PFAS -Free Australia strategy activates the following innitatives:

Stewardship Framework:

PFAS-Free Australia is committed to establishing and promoting a robust framework of responsible Stewardship. Through strategic Advisory and Advocacy initiatives, we leverage the resources of the PFAS-Free Global network. This framework aims to advance the responsible management of PFAS by emphasizing education, qualified research, and the adoption of cutting-edge methodologies.

Advisory and Advocacy:

As a pivotal driver, PFAS-Free Australia actively engages in Advisory and Advocacy efforts. By collaborating with stakeholders, industries, and communities, we work towards raising awareness about the harmful effects of PFAS. Through targeted advocacy, we strive to influence policy changes, promote responsible practices, and drive the adoption of PFAS-Free alternatives.

PFAS-Free Global Network:

Harnessing the strength of the PFAS-Free Global network, PFAS-Free Australia positions itself at the forefront of international efforts. We collaborate across borders to share knowledge, foster collaboration, and implement collective strategies. This network is instrumental in advancing global education, research, and methodologies related to PFAS, ensuring a unified front against the widespread use of harmful chemicals.

Education and Research:

PFAS-Free Australia is dedicated to enhancing awareness and understanding of PFAS issues. Through targeted education initiatives, we aim to inform the public, industries, and policymakers about the risks associated with PFAS exposure. Our commitment to qualified research ensures that we stay at the forefront of scientific advancements, enabling us to implement evidence-based strategies for measuring and addressing PFAS contamination.

Leading-edge Methodology:

The pursuit of cutting-edge methodologies is a cornerstone of PFAS-Free Australia’s approach. We continuously seek and implement innovative techniques for measuring and monitoring PFAS. By staying ahead of technological advancements, we ensure that our strategies remain effective, accurate, and adaptable to evolving challenges in the identification and mitigation of PFAS in various environments.


PFAS-Free Australia remains unwavering in its dedication to driving positive change through these key initiatives, advocating for responsible Stewardship, and contributing to a PFAS-Free future globally.