PFAS-Free Certification requires that products are free from ANY addition of a fluorinated compound and strive to lower the ppm requirement from the arbitrary 100ppm that is used by many standards.

Certification Standards:

Gold Certified – Immediate Qualification: <40ppm Total Fluorine

Automatically qualify for PFAS-Free Certification

Conditionally Certified – >40ppm but <100ppm Total Fluorine

Conditionally Certified Products can still receive PFAS-Free certification but require a statement of ingredients and % of each entity and an explanation of why fluorine is present beyond typical natural background levels.

Fail >100ppm Total Flourine

Products that are tested and found to contain any presence of Total Flourine greater than 100ppm will not be eligible for either Gold or Conditional Certification and will be noted as such on the PFAS-Free Database.  Further applications of amended or improved products can be submitted for secondary testing.

All testing is done by third party independent testing laboratories (International and National Audited & Compliant NATA) for added PFAS. Details of testing protocols, methodologies and further Scientific Validation can be reviewed upon application.


PFAS Free Australia is here to help companies test and certify their products to make sure they are at safe levels for consumers.

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